The Horicon Marsh International Education Center hosts a variety of nature programs and provides visitors with useful information for exploring the marsh. Learn more about the new Horicon Marsh International Education Center.
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Year-round, the marsh teems with life. The Horicon Marsh is one of North America's most important wetland habitats and one of 22 "Wetlands of International Importance" recognized in the U.S. Every corner of the marsh is home to some bird or animal.

There are many ways to enjoy this amazing natural treasure:

History of the Marsh

Horicon Marsh's 32,000 acres of water, woods and prairie are currently home to one of the widest arrays of plants and wildlife in all the Midwest.

But mankind nearly obliterated this natural treasure. In the mid-1800s, settlers commenced to alter the marsh. By the 1900s, the marsh was completely drained. Through the efforts of concerned citizens, conservationists and sportsmen in the 1930s, the water levels of the marsh were restored and the marsh was slowly reborn.

The old roots and seeds of the marsh plants that were dormant for decades suddenly came back to life. Flocks of birds, including some species which hadn't been seen on the marsh for decades, returned each year in greater numbers. Birdwatchers can choose from dozens of outstanding birdwatching locations on the marsh.

When you look out over the vast marsh today, you aren't just seeing the wonders of nature-you're witnessing an ongoing success story!

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